MIKA NINAGAWA: Flourishing Flowers Series and Flower Addict Series

MIKA NINAGAWA: Flourishing Flowers Series and Flower Addict Series


Time: 2016.03.19~2016.05.08

Opening Hours: Tue. to Sun.  10:00-18:00 (Closed on Mondays)

Venue: MOCA Taipei (No. 30, ChangAn West Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 103)

Admission: NT $50 (Exclude manual NT $50)

Website: http://www.mocataipei.org.tw/index.php/2012-01-12-03-36-46/upcoming-exhibitions/1841-mika-ninagawa

Manual NT $50.

Bags should be put in the lockers.


My roommate and I finally came to the exhibition, MIKA NINAGAWA. We purposely chose to come on April 6th, which was a weekday, to avoid the crowd. Although we still had to wait in line, but it was much better than the situation that my other friends encountered when she came to the exhibit in spring break. She had waited for three hours to enter the building. Luckily, we spent less than half a hour to get the ticket.



The admission was NT $50. If you would like to have the manual, you need to buy it for another NT $50. The manual was in both Mandarin and English, and the explanations inside are beautiful. I really liked it! The ticket was interesting. It could be a normal ticket as bellow picture showed. It could be folded into a toy that you could played with.

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The first exhibition room was the Flowers Series. My first impression was like “Wow! This are all real Mika Ninagawa’s works!”I have known that her photography was famous for the strong and splendid color, but I used to see her works only on social media and on social networks. Now, without the screens, I could feel the shock brought by her use of colors in her pictures.






Mika Ninagawa admired surrealist artist, René Magritte, a lot, so her style was influenced by him. She was used to use many surreal objects as the subjects of her pictures. Moreover, the vivid colors of the objects made it look more “fake.”


After the Flowers Series was the Flower Addict Series showing in the hallway. There were eight of them putting in window frameworks. They were like the stained glasses which were extensively used in Gothic churches. The lights behind the windows created a dazzling visual effect.



Actually, I did not appreciate Ninagawa’s style because her works usually caused anxiety to me. I originally thought that it was I that did not know the beauty of her works, but later I found that I was not an exception. There were people thinking the strong colors were burdens physically and mentally. On top of the colors, her unique way letting objects out of focus blurred the borders of the objects. The unclear subjects in her pictures made people more perplexed.


In order to look deeper into Ninagawa’s works, I tried to learn more about her before I went to the exhibition. I would like to know her concept of creation and what has an effect on her creation. However, it turned out that I still did not appreciate her works, but I really admired Ninagawa herself. Her realization of life, her perspective to look at things, and her activeness to pursue her dream all amazed me.


Her success was not contributed by her gift of creation only. One of the main reasons was the awareness of crisis a freelancer urged her to promote herself to others. Another reason was her confidence in herself let her try everything she wanted without reserve. Still another reason was self-discipline drove her to attend photography exhibitions, even to extend her style to other fields. She became talented in this kind of process, and became the Mika Ninagawa now.